So then 55" Samsung 7 Series LED or Panasonic VX10 50" Plasma?


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I was told the other day that finally LCD screens are being preferred to plasmas for quality since the Samsung LED series - is this complete rubbish or not?

My folks picked up the 46" Samsung LED and ive got to admit, for the first time since i saw HD i was blown away. Its so vivid and beautiful even on SD it had the best picture id ever seen on a TV.

But - are the latest VX-10 Panasonic Plasmas better...i was always told for anything over 40" Plasma is the way to go, but then the goalposts always move don't they.

Certainly the 55" Samsung is more expensive, but then it is 5" bigger too i suppose.

Any input would be useful - I dont fancy going down to "Currys" and having my choice destroyed by the fact that never TV is setup correctly..


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To be honest,I was all set to buy a Plasma after my Samsung M87.I knew that Image retention was no longer a prime consideration and was nearly convinced by the "More natural" picture argument.

Then they went and brought out the A786.

I know that its an LCD at heart (deep down I prefer them to be honest) and I know that its response time counted in whole milliseconds could be scorned by those who appear to have borrowed Kal-El's eyes and claim to be able to see the blur.(?)
I also know that it has a reflective face and a wide shiny bezel.Its not even slim but there's a good reason for that.Smart LED. Non of this Edge light malarky that,ok,allows for a slim profile,but the full Monty.Results? Deep Blacks,great colours,natural looking pictures,even,God forbid,on freeview.In short everything I wanted from a Plasma.

So I bought one.

They are still available.Its sooo last year now,but it still knocks spots off of all but the very best and that includes Kuro (well maybe not "knocks spots",in that instance, but stands up well against )

If you know where you can get one,don't waste time reading any more of this.

Good Luck,


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