So Snazio or Kiss DP-600?



Evening all,

Managed to persuade the missus to replace our Pinnacle Showcenter finally. The thing's been driving me nuts for ages.

The question is as stated - I've heard some good stuff about both to be honest but I'd like some 'real' opinions from the people that know best - you guys.

So please, speak up and make your case for your choice...

Cheers all, much appreciated.


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Well, the Snazio is tried & tested with good results, whereas the Kiss is still an unknown quantity.


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Ive been waiting for along time for the Kiss DP-600 as on paper it looked just right for me but having seen some early and admitedly not very complete user reviews it looks to me as though the Kiss DP-600 is going to have some short falls most notable for me is its inability to play .ts files, I know you can convert them to MPEG2 files and im sure in a future patch they will make it play them but I was hoping that as we had waited so long for it to arrive it would be "perfect".
Ive now cancelled my order for the DP-600 and am just about to but a Snazio, like Timbo21 said the Snazio is tried and tested and it looks like most of its major faults have been sorted out.



never heard fo teh snazio player have you got a link or model number so I can look at it.

I just orderd the oppo today, would like to make sure I made the right choice. is the snazio better than the oppo ?



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They're completely different to be fair, the snazio and the Kiss DP-600 play hidef material i.e. WMVHD and .ts files etc. The Oppo won't play those, it won't even play the HR.HDTV files (at least it wouldn't when I had one). The Oppo is basically an upscaling dvd player and will play SD res divx/xvid files and that's about it really.

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In Poland we are already after tests Kiss DP 600 they fell out fatally

For clearness - fatally what to served formats, stability working, functions (and rather correc realization this which is in advertising leaflet) itp.

Well if the, realization, walks about design the interface the user and easiness of service.

Don't read wmv from DMR
don't see files in format .TS


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