so Mordaunt Short Alumni 5.1 is out


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600 quids. should have waited for it.
8" sub will likely not match the PP. looks sexy as hell though, comparatively speaking.

when will MS update the genies? grand genies? g2? genies II?
boy are they awfully slow with a new line.


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cant find any reviews and nothing on the ms site, although they are for sale via several retailers. look great, but i'd like to get a few reviews before i'd consider them. also, you mentioned the sub would likely not match up to the "pp" , which sub are you talking about?


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wld love to see a head to head review of these versus the aego t's

the main thing putting me off the aego t is the lack of a dedicated center speaker ( would have to turn the center on its side to avoid blocking the tv) - maybe i'm being shallow :)


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According the the rep I spoke to today they aren't actually released yet, but heard them in two channel, and they sound very good for the size (they're bloody tiny!). Obviously need a sub to beef out the bottom end, but I've been looking for a decent sub/sat system with a dedicated centre speaker, and these for the money look to be ticking the right boxes. Hooked them up to a Marantz 7001 KI, and a later attached a sub, and could not fault them. Loads of detail, without being overly bright or in your face.

The rep had brought the Piano White finish ones with him, and they look stunning :thumbsup: He's been using the Sub at home with his KHT2005.2s, and said that it had kicked the arse off the PSW2010 he was using previously. Looking good, and with a SRP of £600 they're gunning directly for the 2005.2s. IMO they're miles ahead in terms of musical performance, just need to get a proper 5.1 demo arranged and I think I'll have found my next speaker package :D


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Have these been released yet (5.1 package). I see online retailers have them advertised (1 even says in stock), but other websites are stating September 2007. Can anyone confirm please?


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