So many VS threads, anyone actually base they purchase on a vs thread?


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So I was wondering like in the thread title, has anyone went ahead and based their purchase on a VS thread? Having seen so many of these vs threads pop up, I'd be surprised how anyone could, it can get quite confusing. All u get is alot of owner bias some on the defensive and some on the offensive. For example a Tosh vs Sony thread, some will recommend their own while rubbishing the other, then a stray Samsung guy will come in and say get the R71, and on occassion a Sharp guy will come in to say get the P series, tests confirm people can't tell the difference between that and a hd set running hd. The best advice that comes out of these threads really are the guys saying try to take a good look at the choices yourself. Maybe someone can create a faq page listing the current choices, something similar to the Pioneer faq page in the plasma forum.


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I think its interesting to watch the debates, and it certainly helps to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of the various models. However, there is no substitute for understanding your requirements, researching the options, and then making up your own mind. A key part of that process has to involve you spending some time looking at the TVs, simply because picture quality is always going to be somewhat subjective.

When I went looking, I felt that the Sony, Toshiba and JVC units produced the pictures that I liked the most. In the end however, I got a Sagem, simply because it was better featured, much lower priced, and still produced a picture that I felt was good enough for me. However, that decision was also based on the fact that this TV will only be our main TV for a short period (a couple of years max) before I expect to move up to a 40"+ TV, and retire this one to the bedroom.



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I've just plumped for a Sony KDL32S2010 based on a vs thread that compared it to the Samsumg model I was looking at.

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