So many connections, so many LCD's, soo few options!


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Hi Everyone ,please help me.

I figure that I need at least 3 HD inputs as below:
Home cinema system (Samsung HT P70?) - HDMI
PS3 - DVI?

However I'm having trouble finding a really good 32"+ TV with those. I was set on the JVC 32DS6 or even the 37" version but it only has an HDMI and a poor VGA connection, next is the Hitachi 32d7200, nice system but at the best part of £1300 and 32" I'm tempted to go for a Sagem D45GT4 as I can get it for 1530, not much more money but a lot more screen and all the connections I could ever need!

Am I missing something simple? Is there an easier way to connect it all up or are there simply not many LCD's with three HD connections yet?

Thanks in advance.

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