So many cables what do i use!!!!!

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    Well here goes a while ago a bought a Philips plasma screen model 37PF9946/12 with the following connections

    Ext 1 SCART : Audio L/R, CVBS in / out, RGB
    Ext 2 SCART : Audio L/R, CVBS in / out, Y/C
    Other connections : Antenna IEC75
    AV 3 : VGA PC-in
    Front/side connections : Audio left / right in, CVBS in, S video in

    My problem being now is that with it being a new house and the TV mounted on the wall. My AV receiver is at the other side of the room. Now I have already tracked the wall and put trunking in behind the screen so the cables can now go up the inside of the wall under the floor boards and out at the AV equipment. So I was jus going to make 2 x 12 m long SCART leads to connect the equipment I have no problem with soldering so making these connections and leads should not be a problem, but I am now having second thoughts as to which leads I should use I think a read somewhere that SCART signal may degrade over that distance. So I was wondering if I could get/use a co-ax to SCART converter. Or can anyone shed any light on to which cables I should use…

    Any comments/help would be appreciated.



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