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So I've finished the game at 66% What else is there to do?

Sharp Shard

Active Member
I have to admit to being a little disappointed by the abrupt end to the story and in effect the game.

In San Andreas there were so many sub missions to get on with once the story was done that I think I eventually ended up playing them longer than the actual story!

But in IV the missions after the story seem banal, and well, pointless. I do not have any interest in taking my friends out and getting 100% with them - that is just filler.

I've done all of Brucie's races and the vigilante police missions as well as a few 'random friend' missions, but after that I'm struggling to find anything worthwhile to do and justify keeping the game in my machine.

Is there anything of worth for me to get my teeth into that I haven't mentioned or already done. I'd very much like to do something challenging and enjoyable.


Active Member
You done all the LJ missions, got Brucie's special ability, done all the asassinations ect. ect? Have you gone for the achivements like walk free and flying under all the bridges? Free roam, multiplayer you can't get bored of that. And you can always go through the story again making different decisions and getting a different ending than your first play through.

Anyone think of any more?


Distinguished Member
Have you done the assassination missions, Little Jacob deliveries and Brucie Car Orders?


Distinguished Member
there are the police most wanted and current crimes to do, plus collecting the cars for brucie via email and the 30 by text from stevie


Active Member
You could go round collecting all the stunts and killing all the pigeons. Is a bit of a bugger to find them all if you're not using a details guide (I just had a map which shows the rough locations of them, but not exactly where they are!)

Deleted member 380232

I've also finished the story but have Stevies cars, Pigeons, Jumps, Assassin and Vigilane missions to do.

In all, it does fell like a smaller game - I never even dreamed of 100% in San Andreas or Vice City but it's actually quite an easy possibility now.


Well-known Member
...do the other 34%?


Well-known Member
haha its been a long day.


Well-known Member
Complete all 90 Story and Procedural missions and you get 68% complete.

Do all 30 car thefts to get an additional 2%.

Do all 50 stunt jumps to get 2.5%.

Collect all 200 pigeons (flying rats) to get 2.5%.

Find all random characters and do their missions to get 5%.

Do all 20 crimes in vigilante to get 2.5%.

Kill all the people on the list (30) to get 2.5%.

Beat friends or computers at every activity to get 5%.

Get all your friend's special abilities and do all their activities. Note: this does not include Dwayne or Roman. You get 10%.

jason g

Distinguished Member
What are these assassination missions all about? How do you do them?

heres a guide for the flying rats....http://uk.guides.ign.com/guides/827005/page_9.html

hers one for the assassination missions....http://www.wikicheats.com/index.php/Grand_Theft_Auto_IV_-_PS3_XB360/Side_Missions#Assassin_Missions

u can also use the one above to show all other missions too.

this one shows what u need to do for 100% completion.....http://www.gta4.tv/100percent.php

and finally a tip someone told me, if u dont want your friends respect or friendship to go down then simply say yes when they want to go out and then call back and cancel it, it will not drop the score, but if u do this on a date with any girl it will drop the score.

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