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I was round at a friend who I've not seen for a while and he had a Dreambox decrypting Sky. Now I know absolutely sod all about these but after a bit of research it seems to be basically a computer running a Linux distro.

So....I've been thinking about converting my PC into a fully fledged HTPC for a while but the one thing that has stopped me from thinking it is worthwhile is not being able to include the ability to watch and record SkyHD without having to use the Sky box. Seeing the Dreambox has made me realise that this is now actually possible.

Now bearing in mind I am not doing this with any intention of getting free Sky as I (probably stupidly to some here) believe in paying for stuff, is there any way to build a HTPC and use a CAM or something to utilise my Sky Card? I've been searching on Google for some time and getting nowhere.

Is it possible to use something like a custom linux distro/firmware on the Dreambox to do this or is this something it actually does do?


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Googe for "use sky card on htpc" and the first screen of results has your answer... just make sure what you read applies to the newer white Sky cards rather than the old blue ones. Search the forum too it has probably been covered here. In short you need a dvbs2 tuner/s, cardreader & software cam as you've already guessed.

The Dreambox has the ability to stream video via the network so that may well be able to integrate with an HTPC also, at least you wouldn't need the PC chugging away all day.

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