So I have this room....


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Hey all,

Last November I bought my first home and it came with a Loft room, happy days right?

Not quite. It seems quite shoddily done and needs a fair bit of work before I turn it into a cinema/gaming room. So I need a bit of advice, you'll notice in the pictures that its been artexed and painted over a couple of times. Does this mean It can't be plastered over and needs be stripped back to plasterboard? Also one of the sloped ceiling boards seems a little bowed. There is no movement and is extremely firm/solid. Would plastering hide this?

I should mention I have ZERO DIY skills apart from odd things I've started doing In the house over the last 6 months as I have not needed them until now (ridiculous I know.) So I therefore apologize for the basic stuff I ask and will continue to in the future most likely.

So any advice or things you think I should get done to make this a smooth clean cut Loftroom ready to be made into an entertainment hub would be excellent. I should mention Anything I will do will be on a low budget so having the room completely rebuilt will probably not be an option for some time.

Ignore the huge screen, that won't fit unless it is partially mounted into the roof at each corner so that won't be used most likely.







Its not the biggest so seating will be in the form of Fatboy Beanbags but that should suit the fact the screen will be at the skirting level.

I look forward to ideas, suggestions :D


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Only concern would be to check that conversion has been done properly eg that the floor can carry the weight of using this as a living space


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No problems with that one, we had a full survey done and all was good. It was even being used as a bedroom before we lived here.

I think its more of a case that the conversion is very old and dated and not completed with a very high quality finish.


You can plaster over artex easily enough, if your hiring someone they will just knock it back to remove any stipple.

Would be great if It were done to a better finish as leaving roof trusses like that is something I've never seen!

Ultimately when you have the money I suppose you could look into have the trusses removed and bring more headroom and a better shape with it.

But for now like you say with a budget that's not possible. Only thing to do is get it to how you want it. If I were you i'd plasterboard the walls and skim the rest that way if you want any electrics or other doing then would be the time.


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Yeah the finish is disappointing. and investigating the outside of the conversion it definitely could have been a larger room with more headroom.

However I need to live with what I have. So is it best to get it Plasterboarded, plastered and then the electrics? I just plan to thread the all speaker cables plus the HDMI through the walls so not a huge amount. Most things will be wireless.

Thanks guys.

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