Question So I have a £300 voucher for Currys...


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... and I'd probably spend another £150.

So that narrows it down to these 15 TVs: Televisions - Cheap Televisions Deals | Currys

I won't be using it to watch broadcast TV, really just for playing video games, or watching content from YouTube or streamed from my NAS drive. I will be hooking up a Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and various other consoles via an HDMI switch or component.

Things I don't care about include:
Smart TV services.
Sound quality - I'll be using an Onkyo AV receiver.
I am not too bothered about 4K, as I doubt I would make any use of it and I'd rather get a better 1080p TV than a poor 4K one.

Things I do care about include:
Good connectivity - the more HDMI ports the better, Component is a must, Scart and VGA input would be nice for retro gaming.
Input lag - which I can find little information about on the TVs listed.
Picture quality - I know I am going for a relatively cheap TV, but there are precious few reviews of the TVs on this list.
Size - 39 to 42ins is the sweet spot, but I am flexible.

I haven't bought a new TV in seven years, so I am well out of touch. To give you idea of what I am after, my last TV was a Samsung LE40530C - cheap and cheerful, gimmick-free, with a good panel and connectivity.

Your thoughts are very welcome.


Sorry but you will have to spend more than that to get guaranteed decent PQ. Very little info is available on those TVs so I can't really say one would be better than another.

I would say put your money elsewhere, or save for better. There is very little to be gained compared to your current TV.

Right now is also a bad time to buy, 2016 models are all but sold out at Currys and 2017 models are overpriced.

If you can get a Samsung KU6000 in the store or even save up for a M5500 then it will be better value than any of those you have linked.


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Thanks dude. Those two you mentioned look right up my street actually - quite a bit of bang for your buck, from what I can tell. I could probably even get an MU6100 for a little more, which would probably be better, right?

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