So I bought the GoPro Karma drone...


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But why I hear you ask.... Well the brother in law has the Mavic pro and it is an awesome product, that cannot be denied. So why did I go for the Karma when I don't even have a GoPro.... Well

1st) I'm taking the family to Disney in Florida this August. The fact I can use the GoPro Hero 5 Black there as a action cam/camcorder has had a little bit of influence.

2nd) It comes with everything you need...except spare batteries obviously. But I like the case, clamshell controller with built in screen, Karma grip and apps/software for it.

This is my first serious drone and the shots have been very good with it. i haven't tried any of the features yet, and yes the follow me feature is probably the only feature I would have used had it have had it!

At the moment I have flown it just up to the mile mark from me where the video link started getting a bit choppy but taking the drone higher seemed to help with the link. I know I don't have anywhere near the range of the Mavic but at the moment with the cost of the thing, I'm scared to take it too far just in case something happens.

Battery is giving me 18 minutes of flight from take off.

So does anyone else have the Karma drone or is it just me? Any other thoughts or input...


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You're the first Karma owner I've seen on here, I'm a Mavic owner myself but I was initially keen on the Karma for the reasons you've said - I could use the GoPro5 and stabiliser elsewhere (still wanting to buy a stabiliser), I liked that it came with everything needed (DJI's Android support is terrible) and initially they were offering a two year accidental warranty for preorders. When they started falling out of the sky though and some other reported issues I decided to go for the Mavic instead.

I only fly within VLOS as aside from being legal, I prefer to be able to see the drone in case anything goes wrong so a huge range doesn't bother me.


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Yeah android app from DJI is causing a few worries for the brother in law, in fact he's decided to get an apple now just for his drone.
The battery issue has been rectified now on the Karma when they did a full recall. Will be interesting to see if any firmware updates come though. Support is always a good sign.

We are going to do some back to back tests ourself's when the weather calms down.


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Sure, I realise they sorted out that issue but I've been stung by previous GoPro products that were more beta products so that was the final nail in the coffin for me although in some ways I was relieved as I was really struggling to choose between the two. DJI's support for Android is a frustration, even though I've a supported devices it's chronically unstable so amusingly I use an unsupported device which works better but it's really poor form. Also I'd expect GoPro's customer services to be significantly better as well.

The weather is frequently a challenge in the UK for drone owners, I walked about 90 minutes to a good spot to take the drone flying but as I was approaching the area the wind seemed to be gusting strongly and thought this is too much of a risk. A short while later and around three miles from home, the rain started pouring so I got soaked which admittedly was my fault for going out in Scotland with a waterproof jacket.



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Though I would share the video from the drone, it's down mixed to 1080p for YouTube.

Not very exciting but might be interesting for those who want to see some footage from one. I will try and get some 4k footage when the weather improves!



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Well that was short lived!
Finally having some great weather this week in Oxfordshire has given me time to put the Karma through some tests.... Not good.

The range issues has really put me off the thing. Video drop outs are a very common thing and when your watching the screen to get close to tree tops for some cinematic shots it becomes quite important.

The drone will not fly any further than just about under a mile. I didn't expect that to be an issue at first for me, but when compared with the brother in laws Mavic, I realise just how much more flexibility that extra range gives you. You don't have to be stood right next to where you want to shoot.

The wife also said she preferred using her phone for pictures and video rather than digging out the GoPro :facepalm:

So with the poorer than expected video range and the wife's lack of interest for the GoPro, the Karma has gone back and been replaced with a Mavic Pro fly more bundle.

I never realised I had no way of charging the Karma's batteries when out until I got the car charger in the mavic kit. I'm sure that would have been an issue on more than one occasion.

Anyway, test flights with the Mavic have proven infinitely better. I have officially been converted in just 3 flight sessions.

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