So, How Dark is Dark? (ae300 and ambient light)


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Lo all,

Serious contemplation about a nice upgrade to an ae300 - worked out quite how to fit it into my flat and the neccesary equipment upgrades - but wondering about just how badly ambient light will affect it. The flat in question is top floor with lovely sloped ceilings - with skylights... all of which have blinds but do leak light.

So how dark does it need to be to get a reasonable image? Most of my viewing is at night anyway, so pitch black is possible - but would be nice to know if it will be usable on a sunny Sunday afternoon....


edit - heh, 1 year, 1 post. :) Didn't even know I was registered til it wouldn't let me reg this email. :blush:


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For films, you'll want as much darkness as you can get, but as you say you usually watch films at night so hopefully not much of a problem.

For regular TV, esp Sports you can get away with a fair amount of uniform ambient light.

What you really have to do is avoid any light shining directly onto the screen, for example I use directional halogens and some diffuse lamps that sit behind the line of the screen, this gives me good light and watchable football ;)

So for the skylights you will want to be positioning the screen so that the sun cannot shine directly onto it (preferably at any time of year ;) ).

-- Jon


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I have the 500, obviously the darker the better but I can still watch the picture fine with the light on which is about 6ft from the screen and pointing down.

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