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Question So how can you have both Atmos and Auro


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Just looking into getting a Atmos speaker system, then i started looking at Auro?

If your processor can do both, how do you place speakers if both placements are different?

Is it a case of pick one or the other ?


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Only thing, what you need differently is one overhead auro speaker.
Everything else is same in home setup. This is compromise, but this saves you to installing two separate sets.


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Depends on the AVR/Processor and if it offers a universal layout that works for all formats. On the Denon/Marantz models that would be Front Height/Rear Height. I believe some of the latest models also allow all formats with the Dolby Speaker Upfiring option.

I used to use the FH/RH layout in my 7.2.4 system but ditched that in favour of Front Height/Top Middle which works better for Atmos but only the Front Heights are active for Auro3D. The plus side to this is that the Surround Backs are now active for Auro3D and Auro2D.

Previously, the Surround Backs wouldn't be on with Auro as it's limited to a maximum of 9 channels in my Marantz (or 10.1 if you want to ditch a subwoofer and have the VOG speaker).


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On my Denon AVR Height speakers and Dolby Atmos enabled speakers get you Auro 3D but Top speakers do not. Also when installing height speakers with an Atmos system they are configured as PLIIz.

Front height mounted speakers

Most AVRs will support the use of front height (Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz) mounted speakers with Dolby Atmos playback; however, we recommend the use of either overhead or Dolby Atmos enabled speakers to create the most lifelike and enveloping audio experience. Front height speakers may be used in conjunction with overhead speakers in larger room installations that can support a greater number of overhead/height outputs.

From this PDF page 13 in which height speakers are only mentioned twice in 43 pages, (the above paragraph) and one near the end in adding additional height speakers.

Also look at the Auro 3D speaker placement PDF.

As you are going to use aMarantz AVR which is from the same stable as Denon then Denons take on Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D will be worth a look.

I have had Atmos for nearly a year and have yet to find a film in Auro 3D though I have not specifically looked for any
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Thanks, I was thinking of the Marantz 8805 processor. How would that work with both formats?

The 8805 can process up to 13 channels so you could set up the 7.1.4 system as Front Height/Rear Height. Alternatively, you could go to 7.1.6 and have it switch between layouts depending on the format. Have a look at the manual as there appears to be quite a few setup options.

Amp Assign AV8805

Also from the manual here:-

Speaker installation AV8805

'Auro-3D recommends adding FRONT HEIGHT and SURROUND HEIGHT speakers to a 5.1 speaker configuration. Optionally, you may substitute REAR HEIGHT, Dolby Atmos Enabled speakers instead of FRONT HEIGHT and SURROUND HEIGHT speakers for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D playback.'

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