So have the connection problems been ironed out on BLOPS 2 yet?


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Tempted to pick it up again on PS3 if the connection is better than it was in November/December.

I play it on Wii U nowadays and connection is excellent however I'm getting a bit bored as there is no DLC maps on this platform.

Also about half the players are terrible and it's not even a challenge.

Let me know your thoughts please?

If it's still unplayable I'll most probably see some of you on PS4.

trent steel

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Ok at times terrible at others and pulling host is painful


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solo is fine 90% of the time, partying up is still rubbish though, more than 3 in a party and it will make you rage


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Small parties are best. Locality seems to help. Avoiding the europeans seems to help.

The lag tends to be none, or very noticeable. I prefer that compared to MW3, where every other game has subtle lag; the worst kind!!

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