So, for the Intel guys ...



which CPU/mobo combo's are you using currently for your HTPC? What gives you the best price/performance tradeoff?

Please, no fanboy posts ... serious responses only ...


I am using an asus tuscl2 mobo with a celeron 1.2...... the speed is good and you have the tualatin core making things a bit smoother.... the board is easy to play with and i have no complaints.



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I'm using the TUSCL2-M with a PIII 1.226Ghz (512KB cache version), works like a dream.



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Same here TUSL2 with a 1.13Ghz tualatin P3 in it.
Rock solid made my regular athlon PC look silly.


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I'm using a P4 1.7ES (engineering sample :)) on an Intel D850MV board for my HCPC, a P4 2.4 on an Intel D850EMV2L for my main PC and an AMD Athlon 1.4 on an Asus A7V266-E for my media server. No complaints with any of them really, although the intel boards do have a superb boot time! And they tend to run cooler.


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At work we ran a processor intensive CAD test using a product called Ideas. Despite having a much slower 3D card (not really relevant in this test), a PIII 933 performed the task twice as fast as a P4 1.7. The early P4's are really bad.


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Abit IT7 2 Max and P4 2.4b

Full spec of htpc on pic one in link in me sig.


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im just about to sell mine if your looking:D
its an intel 850gb board and a p4 1.8ghz socket 423 so not the latest gen of processor, has still been good though.

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