So, E50, E60 or GX3?


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Oct 26, 2003
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Hi all,

I've decided on one of the above three with a view to editing on the PC (hence no HDD model) but am having trouble deciding which unit to buy! (Surprise surprise!)

At the moment my pros and cons are as follows:

E50: Pro: Highest pic quality available at the moment (?)
Con: DVD-RAM so I need another drive for my PC

E60:pro: iLink, Card Reader
Con: Significant increase in cost over E50

GX3: Pro: -RW/+RW media compatible with current editing setup.
Con: Costs more again than the E60. (But negates need for new PC drive.)

I don't *think* I need the card reader and iLink as I've got all that on the PC already so it's down to GX3 and E50. Have I missed any glaring functions of either that could sway my decision? They're both RGB In/Out which is my main concern.
Both the E50 and the GX3 are excellent machines. You say you don't need iLink or PC Card reader so discount the E60 (again a very good machine) as there is no need paying for what you don't need.

Personally I would say go for the Panasonic E50. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly it's cheaper - even if you account the extra cost of a new DVD-ROM drive to read DVD-RAMs (cost about £20). Secondly you have the Flexible Record option which allows you to maximise bitrate for your precise length of recording. You can read the 'sticky' thread at the top of this forum to find some advice on getting the most from such a setting.

The Sony GX3 is an excellent machine. It's PQ is on a parr with the E50 and if you record onto DVD-RW in VR mode you get the same core flexibility as the E50. The reasons I put it second to the E50 though are because it is more expensive (by quite a margin) and it lacks Flexible Record.

Whichever machine you buy you'll have a good solution that will work well. IMHO the Panny is better for the reasons outlined and in the fact it brings 'extra' benefits such as Timeslip which you may, or may not, want.
Thanks, Rasczak, I'd kind of come to the same conclusion myself. I was going to wait for the new models but short of progressive scan I couldn't really see a difference. So E50 it is.

Well it was, until I bumped into a shiny new HS2 at lunchtime.... :rotfl:
I agree with the post above. I've used both machines and the E50 is the better of the two in my opinion. The GX3 is a good machine, but it's so big I couldn't fit it into the SONY supplied cabinet, under the 32" tv. Also it won't record in ntsc.

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