So does the bumper fix it?

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I think it is a bit scandalous what has happened, but I wanted a bumper anyway. Does it actually fix the reception issue?

Saxo Appeal

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I suppose the bumper could be stopping the hand bridging the gap thus making it work properly...or is it the other way around ? lol


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Apple has said it should resolve the issue which is suspicious on its own - but I wondered if it had been confirmed in practise.


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Agreed! I may ring them and beg them if I get it and it's a mess. I doubt I'll get one for a month at least.

On a side note.

Tesco mobile - cheapest
Orange - I can upgrade, but expensive and not sure about the service
Three - Meant to be good service, avg expense.

Which is better?


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Bought one today from Apple Store Lakeside... they had plenty in stock.

Haven't really tested the signal problem properly. From the few tests I did it it seemed to improve it a little but the problem was still there.


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Perhaps they already have a double bumper or spoiler waiting in the wings that they can sell also :)
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