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HI all,

spent a long time the last two days reading loads and loads of posts.

I am lucky in that I have an excellent SOny 32" 100mhz CRT tv which gives a really good picture. I only have SKY+ SD and do not plan to upgrade soon. I also watch DVDs and have a Wii. THe current TV does a good job on all of there. But as you can imagine is massive front to back.

I hanker after a flat screen.

First I was going to get the Sony KDL40V3000 but was put off by talk of screen blurring especially as I watch a lot of sport.

Next I looked at the Panasonic TH37PX80 and was totally set on it even watched it a lot in John Lewis yesterday on Sky Sports SD and it looked excellent but I have been put off by tales of screen retention - I don;t want to be forever worrying about it.

A mate told me to look at the Toshiba 40XF355DB and again looked really good but I've now been concerned by reports of backlight bleeding....

So are these tales because naturally on here everyone has high standards and most others won't notice.

IS there a set I should be looking at and haven't listed (I have £800 to spend and the set width must not be more than 100cm wide) the other thing I was tempted by Currys as it allowed me to buy now and pay next year interest free so that limits it slightly....

any way any advice would be great



Well its the lesser of too evils. I would get the plasma as its many times superior to LCD. If your not playing games 90% or using it as a pc monitor the plasma will be much better!

Screen retention is not a problem with games really, the real problem is phosphor trails which some people can and can't see. Here is an example. http://www.*/news/plasma-phosphor-trail-2007040133.htm

The panny is a great plasma. I would buy it without a doubt.

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