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Hi folks,

So, I've been on a bit of a journey as I was originally thinking of getting a projector and a 95" screen and going down that route then it occurred to me that I could just get a 75" TV for similar outlay and not have the hassle of having to set everything up every time I wanted to use it! That led me to looking into big TVs and I think that was probably a mistake!

Originally I started out at the "cheap and cheerful" end of the scale with the LG 75UN70706LD.

As my wife and I were a bit concerned about just how big this would be we decided a trip to Currys was in order to see what a set this size looked like in the flesh, so to speak.

The usual thing happened, a sales assistant approached us and asked if he could help (genuinely was a nice guy and no hard sell) and ended up pointing us towards the Sony 75XH9296 which, I'll admit, has a lot going for it.

This led me to digging around on here to try and learn more and figure out just what the hell I needed to buy and, as you can probably guess, leaving me more confused than when I started!

Currently we've got a 49" 4K LG that we've had for about 3/4 years now and we're going to replace this with the new 75".

We want it for watching movies and I'm potentially looking at getting an Xbox Series X whenever stock starts appearing again (should look phenomenal on a screen that size). We use various streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, BBC iPlayer etc) plus Blu Ray content (mostly 1080 at present) ripped to my media server/HTPC - that I will need to upgrade for 4K playback but that's an entirely different thread!

Basically I'm looking for some guidance on what I should buy: will I be happy with the cheap LG option (on the basis that they'll very likely sort out the missing catch up apps before too long) or do I go for the more expensive Sony option due to the 120hz, VRR etc ready for the Series X? Or is there another brand/model I should be looking at? Bearing in mind that I'd prefer not to spend >£2k on a TV!

Thanks in advance!!




I think you've perhaps missed one of the biggest reasons to buy a new TV nowadays; HDR.

Every TV supports HDR, but very few can display it without problems. The Sony XH9005/XH9296 will get you there with some titles, but its still pretty low spec for a HDR TV at around only 750 nits.

I'd aim for the higher tier XH9505 instead.

All should be explained in the guide here: **New** My best value TVs, 2020-2021 Edition

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