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Hi all
First off I must say this is a great forum...lots of clued up people it seems which is excellent for dummys like me!

Anyway, last night I finally splashed out on a DVD and an Amp. I got the Pioneer DVD565 and te Yamaha DSP-AX640SE AV Amplifier. Anyway, the last thing I need now is a speaker package and I'm set!

I've got a fairly average front room size for a small UK flat. It's about 4.5m x 3.5m so I'm not sure if it would take floor standing speakers....although please correct me if I'm wrong.

I want to spend about £500, no more, on a speaker set but I would also like to get the stands and/or mounts included in that. While I'm on the it best to put bookshelf speakers on stands or mount them quite high up on the wall?

I've obviously been impressed by the Mourdaunt Short Premier System from Richer Sounds and other places for between £250 and £300 and I believe te wall mounts are only £10 each for these. However, I would be willing to spend a bit more if there is something a lot better available. I don't mind buying off the web so there isn't really a restriction of where I can buy from. Also, Richer Sounds are having stocking problems on the MS Premier and I'm really wanting to get something bought within the week. The only thing I don't want is a satellite speaker system, I would like bookshelf speakers or floor standing ones if possible.

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations on what I can get then I'd be very grateful.


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If you are going to use bookshelf speakers you are normally better on stands for decent sound quality, the old chesnut about ear level from your listening position ie. sitting down is mostly true. Stands give a firmer support and mean less energy is lost through vibration. Thats more expense of course in which case floorstanders save on the price of the stands. As to whether the room can take them, only your ears can tell as rooms are all different depending on shape, reflective surfaces in the room, furniture, carpet etc?


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that's exactly the dilemma I'm faced with. Either I can get bookshelfs and stands but then it's almost as expensive/cheap (whatever way you look at it!) to buy floorstanding ones which will eliminate the need for stands! Argh!

My room has wooden floors and not too much furniture, pretty minimalisitic actually (only joking Lawrence). I'm just a bit worried about the neighbours as I would imagine fs speakers would create a lot more thump. I'll keep looking anyway!

On the subject of stands...what should I be looking for? I know RS supply a few types around the £30-60 mark which seems *ok* but is there anything in particular I should be looking at?

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