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So, after all, 32pw6006 is a good pan 32" solution?

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by mandingo, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. mandingo


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    Hi, this is my first post, and yes, I'm asking for help.
    I'm looking forward to changing my crappy 14" tv for a brand new 32" panoramic tv (50Hz). With 900 € (I think it's like 600£) I've found several sets:

    - Sanyo CE32FWV1 (889 euro)
    - Philips 32PW6006 (749 euro)
    - Samsung WS32Z44V (839 euro)

    I was convinced for buying Philips one when I discovered this marvellous forum and those 6006 RGB problems.
    I have a Yukai/Mustek 560 dvd player, and obviously I want to use the rgb output, but don´t know if it is one of the damned items or not.
    does anyone knows if Mustek rgb is ok with 6006?
    does anyone knows any of the other tvs (or any other good solution for 900€) and can comment it?
    does CL setting solve rgb problem?
    am I too boring? (please, don't answer this one)

    Ok, thank you all and best regards from Spain,


    PS. Sorry about my poor written English

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