So $%$^&£$ Annoyed With Empire Direct!


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I am so $%^&*£ annoyed - ordered my Panny TV from Empire-Direct and was told delivery would be today, so took the day off work. Having waited all day, I rang Empire to check the set had been dispatched and was told delivery would be next Tuesday!!!

So, I've wasted a days holiday for nothing and have to grovel round the boss to get another day off next week!

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


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That is extremely annoying when those things happen.

If it's any consolation, I have bought a few things from Empire Direct and have always found them to do as they say they will. I guess everyone drops a clanger every now and again.

Still a pain in the arse mind. :(


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They did it to me as well, I took holiday when a swap out was required....nobody turned up, then they later admitted that nothing had been despatched.

I'm sure we're in the minority though.


i was in the same boat, ordered a rotel power amp from them, in the end i told em to stuff it. It seems you have to record your phone calls to prove what Empire Direct have said.


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Ordered a subwoofer cable on 1st September to go with my velodyne cht10 ordered through uncle eric.

3 phone calls later they did not know what stocks they had cancelled order and am trying avland.


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Originally posted by Reepicheep

So, I've wasted a days holiday for nothing and have to grovel round the boss to get another day off next week!

Probably a lesson here for us all: call the company at 8:30 am on the morning they are supposed to deliver and ask the despatcher if they have actually put your kit on a truck? If not, you can rush back to work and probably not pee the boss off too much being a half hour late. No excuse for the Internet firm tho;:mad:


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Just to let you know my TV arrived last Tuesday morning at around 10am via Amtrak.

I am a little bit happier now I have my new telly :)


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Which telly was it?

I seem to be getting this BS from more and more online shops. It seems the only people I can trust, who also have the most wonderful order tracking system I have ever seen, is
Shame they don't stock a large range of ht equipment.


I bought a 14" Sony KV14LT from them as they were the cheapest, but after 6 weeks, the TV packed up, conecntric circles of colour of all things, so the outside edges were purple and the centre was green.

Phoned Empiredirect & they collected the box via Amtrak the next day. Will have to wait and see how long it will take. As with all online companies they are fairly inflexible in what they can and cannot do, but this is usually caused by SLA's with the courier companies.

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