Question Snowy picture through splitter, help!


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Hope someone can help, I had a amplified splitter running 10 TVs with one magic eye off a an old sky digi box. All of a sudden one day the picture went grainy/snowy (picture still visible) and the magic eye stopped working. I changed the splitter and skybox to no avail. If I connect the rf2 out cable directly to one of the TVs then clear picture and the one with the eye works if I connect to that directly. Help.


Joe Fernand

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Have you tried connecting to all 10 TV's individually - that may isolate the problem.

Otherwise I would try a different SKY box.



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Hi Joe,

Thanks for response, will try connecting individually to see if one of the TVs is causing the problem. Have swapped sky box but still the same. Has worked fine for the last few years just all of a sudden one day went.


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