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Hello all im new to this forum and need a little help.
I have a Sony Handicam which is now just over a year old. Over the past week a problem has occured!
When i play back a tape there r loads of little white lines running through the screen. Obviously this is dirt but i have tried a head cleaner tape but it hasnt stopped!
Can anyone give me advice on what the problem is and how much it will cost.
Thank u.:confused:


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Try visual search forwards and backwards for ten minutes or so, the scrubbing action of winding the tape over the heads often will dislodge stubborn oxide particles.
Failing that your supplying dealer should solve your problem without too much cost. ( Fingers crossed you bought it from a decent dealer :) ).


Cheers for the advice! I bought the cam from a catalogue and have a three year guarantee.
The camera has been sent to a sony specialist, so fingers crossed.
Thank u for the advice.

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