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Jul 29, 2002
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Oh no, big mistake, definitely the final straw. Another Coldplay, not good, the single must have hooked me plus all the press hype, no passion in the music.:confused:
Just goes to show how subjective music really is. I think they're good outfit.
Yeah, I know, but that very subjectiveness cost me a tenner for the CD and around 25 quid for the tickets. Which way was I looking :rolleyes:

I must admit that it was only a first pass, however, most of the albums that I dont like initially are still interesting musically, even if they dont grab me after a few plays. This album doesnt seem to have any complexity, its the sort of stuff thats been done before and theres not even much of a new angle, bit like re writing a Travis album using a different guitar sound. It reminds me too much of Echo Park by feeder or even a bit like Placebo in places. Certainly Coldplay and I could well do without two of them.

Typical EMO sound, but not in the same league as bands like Rival Schools that really kick ass. Better to concentrate on their stable mates Belle and Sebastian IMO, its musically more honest and endearing.

Of course these are only my opinions, if anyone reading this likes the sound of the bands Ive mentioned, then knock yourself out.

Anyone want to buy a little used copy of Snow Patrol ??
No thanks mate I already own a copy.

I think they're pretty good. The first few songs are great, but it does taper off quite significantly and isn't very good past the first 4 or 5 tracks.

I'd give it 2.5/5
Likewise - I think the album is superb, one of the best of last year. Dear catastrophe waitress is a good album, but I think only thanks to Trevor Horn is it kept this side of overpoweringly twee!

I liked it a lot at first, but this has tapered off significantly with time. Final Straw was the opposite - a real grower.
Originally posted by karkus30
Typical EMO sound, but not in the same league as bands like Rival Schools that really kick ass.

Biffy. :cool:


I'm not keen either - picked up the re-issue and to me its just Travis plus a bit.... its OK, nothing more, and certainly nothing special.

Listenable enough, but certainly no classic, and I can't quite see where all this hype is coming from...!

To karkus30:
Having said that we both seem to have the same taste is music, so not surprised we both dis-like this. Hard to like Mudhoney AND Snow Patrol I think.... ;)
They don't remind me of coldplay, or travis. Not heard much of placebo so can't say.
Interesting the way everyone is now talking about Snow Patrol, even though they've been around for as long as (if not longer) most of the bands you've spoken about.
Originally posted by puddleduck

To karkus30:
Hard to like Mudhoney AND Snow Patrol I think.... ;)

Back, about 20 years and I probably wouldnt have liked Mudhoney, but would have probably been happy with Snow Patrol.

Cant wait for the Mudhoney Gig :clap:

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