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having previously tried over 8 months ago to install snow leopard i couldn't get it to work with my canon mp620 so had to revert to my previous osx . has anyone been able to set this up wirelessly yet (s.leopard and mp620)? having googled it i see it is a common problem ! if anyone has , could anyone advise me how to get correct drivers ( now july 2010 ) and how to set up to wirelessly print/scan from the canon mp620 ? as i said it's a common problem and i installed s.leopard but it would not recognise my printer or work with it at all - this was late 2009 so i'm hoping the problem has been sorted by canon/apple ! any help would be appreciated - thanks !:lease:


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Hey Shaun, I have the same printer and I'm running 10.6. I have just set my printer up today, but using USB and I was surprised at how painless it was compared to manually installing the drivers on 10.5, even the scanner works with Image Capture.

Anyway... I have yet to try setting it up wirelessly from 10.6 but over the next couple of days or so I'll be looking into it. I remember it being quite a problem to configure the wireless settings in 10.5 and I often did it from a Windows computer due the the Mac software being quite buggy.

As soon as I figure it out (or fail) I'll let you know.


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Here's the instructions which should get you up and running. If you get stuck just ask.

1a) Open System Preferences, click on Print & Fax, authenticate if necessary, click the plus symbol to add the printer.

1b) In the window that opens, click on the Default tab at the top, then select 'Canon MP620 series' from the list and click Add. This should launch Software Update to get the drivers if they are not already installed. I did a custom install so I had no printer drivers installed.

2a) Download 'IJ Network Tool Ver. 2.0.7' from here. It's at the bottom of the Software section. To see the downloads list, select Mac OS X from the 'Select OS' popup. Its downloaded file name will be 'ntosxm270ea8-2.dmg'.

2b) Open this disk image and run the 'IJ Network Utilities 270.mpkg' installer.

3a) Go back to Print & Fax in System Preferences, select 'Canon MP620', click on 'Options & Supplies', in the new pane click on the Utilities tab, then on 'Open Printer Utility'. This will open 'Canon IJ Printer Utility'.

3b) In 'Canon IJ Printer Utility', make sure USB is selected, then select 'MP620 series', then click on 'Network Settings'. (This was previously unavailable before installing the 'IJ Network Tool').

3c) In 'Canon IJ Network Tool', add your network settings and click OK to send them to the printer. If there is no option for SSID and Encryption make sure the printer is setup to use Wireless rather than a Wired connection, you do this setup on the printer itself.

4a) Again, go back to Print & Fax in System Preferences, click the plus symbol and wait for it to load the printers. There should be three items in the list all with 'Canon MP620 series' in the title. What each are should be obvious but for the sake of completeness… Under the 'Kind' header, 'Bonjour Scanner' is the MP620 Scanner over network, 'USB Multifunction' is the both printer and scanner over USB, and 'canonijnetwork' is the MP620 Printer over network, this last one will have its MAC address appended to its name.

4b) Add both the 'Canon MP620 series' and 'canonijnetwork'. Give them a descriptive name if you like, and that's it.

Disconnect the USB cable and make sure everything works OK. To add the printer to another Mac, just repeat step four if the printer drivers are already installed (they were for me on my MacBook where I did a standard install). If the printer drivers are not installed then I would imagine the drivers need to be installed from the OS installer. I'm just guessing here as I haven't actually tried it. I did see if Software Update would detect my printer on the network but it didn't and the reason I haven't bothered is because I don't need to print from this Mac.

And finally take a look at this page for instruction on how to get rid of the 'Canon IJ Network Scan Utility' from the menu bar. Post 3 is the one to note.


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followed your instructions and everything seems to be running fine ( fingers crossed ) - thanks for your time and help james !:smashin:

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