Snooper SatNav SD card copying.


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I have a Snooper 6800 SatNav and recently I was forced to spend almost £70 on a replacement SD card for it as somehow - on a mapping upgrade, the original SD card became corrupted. I might add it was a legitimate mapping upgrade download as I am fully subscribed to their aura database.
My question is this - I have tried several times to clone the new card so I have a backup should any future corruption occur but - this has proved to be impossible so far. The card is a 16GB micro SD card - it has two partitions on it - one of about 14GB (only partially used) and a tiny 8MB (reported as unformatted) partition. I can clone the whole card (both partitions) but the cloned card will not work in the Snooper 6800. It reports an error with the card. It is to do (I believe) with whatever is contained within the tiny 8MB partition. Although this partition shows as unformatted - when I examine it with a HEX editor - there is clearly data on there. Obviously something to prevent cloning.
Has anyone out there managed to successfully copy a Snooper SatNav SD card - and if so - how did you do it ?? As a subscriber to Snooper for over 5 years now I was annoyed at having to pay £70 for a replacement card. Cost of a 16GB micro SD card, plus 10 minutes to copy and then £3 (??) to post to me - doesn't add up to £70. So my aim is to have my own backup for the next time this unfortunate occurrence may happen.
Anyone have the 'know-how' here ?

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