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Sniper: Ghost Warrior - Play and Help Thread


Prominent Member
I received this on Monday and only had monday evening on it.

I quite like it to be honest, I just wish PSN was working as I think this could be very good online depending on how large the maps are etc...

Anyone else purchase and playing?


Established Member
Mine came through the post a couple of day's ago. Unfortunately it keeps freezing my PS3. I can not do anything other than switch the console off at the wall as the PS button no longer functions.

The furthest I have got is after you shoot some Dictator or General on level one, and somehow he lives and escapes in his car. I then rappel down the cliff to chase him, and that is the furthest I have got.

More often than not though it freezes during the start up process where it say's Chrome engine 4.


Prominent Member
I have got quite a way through this.... some nice levels.

Just starting online now PSN is back on.... does anyone know if their are different sniper rifles that are unlocked online the more points you collate?

Dave T

Standard Member
not stuck anymore!

had a quick look at the online version, it is quite good, although you don't seem to be able to lie down flat?

I think if you create your own game and invite you can choose any weapon


Prominent Member
Yes I noticed the lay down option was unavailable....

I would have thought it was like BF where the more you progress the better sniper you unlock, further zoom, power, accuracy, silence etc....

Dave T

Standard Member
I do quite like it, but yes the online game is again not bad, but you can't lie down, and the areas you shoot from in buildings are quite obvious, if you move to those locations you tend to get bombarded with bullets!!

Johnny P

Established Member
I've looked at this a couple of times, but haven't picked it up because I've read a lot of poor reviews. Is it worth picking up? Perhaps wait for it to appear at a bargain price?


Distinguished Member
Just borrowed this off a mate and really enjoying it - although the autosaves have dropped me in trouble once or twice with sticky situations - like facing 3 or 4 goons when I need to reload.

...and why do those bullet-time headshots never get boring? :D

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