Just played the lite version a few times, and thought it was most amusing - was just going to hit the buy button, but some people have written that it crashes the iPad. Anyone got it?

And if you dont, grab the demo, it scales up well on the iPad, and is a cracking laugh :smashin:


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Hey, I'm the developer of Sneezies, and I saw your message. I used to post here a few years ago, but I can't remember my old username! Anyway, it's awesome to hear you're having fun with it.

There is that one review in the UK App Store that says the iPad version crashes, but no-one has ever contacted us to say it does, or reported any bugs. We've also sold plenty of copies in the rest of the world without any similar reports. I'm not sure what was happening to that guy, but we can't respond to those iTunes reviews at all, or do anything else to find out.

If you do decide to get the iPad version, I don't think you'll have any problems. If you do, get in touch with us directly and we'll figure them out and fix them in an update.

I hope it's cool to post this note, if not, my apologies to the moderators!


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Just played the iPhone lite version on my iPad and my little girl who is 1 loved it :thumbsup: cheers

I would buy it for the iPad but I think 2.99 is to high
I think you would sell a lot more at a lower price Gavin and make more money :D


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Cool, kids seem to enjoy it a lot too :)

The iPhone version scales up pretty well for the iPad, as you say, and that's only 99c. Pricing is never easy, a lower price will sell more copies, but it's often not enough extra to make up for the lower price. But you can always keep an eye out for a sale if you want ;).
I hope it's cool to post this note, if not, my apologies to the moderators!

As long as you dont try and advertise in any way (such as a name that is advertsing or added any signatures) without speaking to the advertising team obviously, then its fine. You also have not started a thread with the intent to sell, merely answering a question.

So, all of those points indacte that you are ok. :smashin: So, welcome to the board, and I think I will buy the app in the next day or so and let you know - I certainly have been playing a lot of the demo (I think my high score is 733 at the moment after 6 games) :cool:


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Great, thanks! Just wanted to help out, really glad to hear you guys are enjoying Sneezies :D
Just a quick thing to add - I was posting from my iPad quickly yesterday, so couldnt really go into depth, but if you did want to advertise on this forum (are you part of Chillingo or Retro Dreamer?) then please take a look here for the benefits of doing so: Information for advertisers

I know that there is already a iPhone/iPad designer/publisher with us already - Hooked in Motion.


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I'm from Retro Dreamer, but I'll check that out anyway, it's always good to find good advertising options.

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