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    First post on here, hopefully it's not a dumb question and in the right category.

    My brother owns a drainage/plumbing company and often carries out CCTV drain surveys. He'd like to incorporate still pictures taken from the video he captures within a report for the customer. Basically, he needs to capture a snapshot from the video. He needs to do this real time when he's out-and-about doing the survey, as it'd take too long to review all the video for all the reports at the end of the day.

    He can get an (analogue) composite video feed from the CCTV recording/monitoring equipment. Can anybody recommend a product that:

    - takes in a composite video feed (there seem to be few camcorders with AV video inputs from what I can tell, at least for the flash-memory types)
    - allows the user to take a snapshot as it is recording (or monitoring) the video feed, and store this as a still digital image.

    I've looked at camcorders, cameras, devices like the Archos products etc. but have been unable to find anything that fits the bill.

    Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated!


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