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Snap, Crackle and Pop


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:clap: great shot!


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Nice One :cool:

markie g

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Nice idea, and i like the composition. I like the editing too (i'd like to know more about).

Only negative from me is it needs straightening a tad?


I like this, very different. I'm not sure whether I'd prefer the focus on the front of the crowd rather than the fireworks though.


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Really really like this. Great shot!


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Agree with above, cracker of a shot


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The clouds and the blue in the sky look posterised - the detail in the cloud seems to have been squashed down to three or four tones. I don't necessarily dislike it but there's lots of detail elsewhere so its surprising.
Agree - almost looks like one of the presets Ami used to use for some of her stuff....


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Thanks for all the feedback. :thumbsup:

The PP was fairly standard;
Reduced highlights, darks
increase vibrance, clarify, dehaze
Crop and straighten

I think I added a gradient filter to the sky to rescue the highlights. May of overcooked it slightly. I can't check at the moment via LR mobile, most edits come up but not gradient filters.


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This is one my favourite images this month. Not sure about the processing on the sky, but I like the focus on the firework cage in the image, just as the focus of the people (and their camera's) are too. Captures a sense of the life of the town, very nice.

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