SN4D0N's Bedroom Set Up


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Evening all,

I have been lurking around these forums the past couple of months after a friend recommend I check it out.

Over the past year I have slowly been putting together my own slice of AV heaven. Although it is basic and done as cheap as possible I love it.

Kit list

Toshiba 40BV700B
Samsung HT-450 5.1 Surround System
Sony PS3 80GB
Xbox 360 120GB
Sky+HD 1TB
Iomega 500GB External Hard Drive
HP Mini-100 Notebook

Sorry about the picture quality. They were taken on my phone and the camera sucks.


Sky and DVD/Amp combo


PS3 & Hard Drive

Rear Speaker


Sub down side of the couch



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Looks good so far bud :) ive just purchased my first piece of AV equipment (comes in the shape of an 37" LG tv) still trying to convince the other half that an AV reciever and 5.1 surround sound is the way forward but she wants to get the house decorated first before any of that :(

SN4... ur not a swindon lad by any chance??



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Sounds good, Karl. No I'm not a Swindon lad. It's just my surname with numbers mixed in there



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ahh fair enough, just wonderd as my family lives in swindon and the first part of their postcode is SN4 lol.


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Hi mate, how are you using your hard-drive? I have been trying to get mine to work with my PS3 but no joy so any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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