SN10 rolls out of the highbay

Stuart Wright

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Disappointing that we didn't get an SN9 launch today, but we could maybe soon have two starships on pads waiting to fly.




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Looks like they are going to follow the community suggestion of lighting all 3 raptors, and 'IF' all three light then turning one off.

Elon kinda admitted they were a bit dumb, and it does seem obvious really.
If you must have 2 engines running otherwise you crash, and you only try and light 2, you get 1 fail and your crash.
Lighting up 3, gives you more of chance, until you can be 100% sure every engine will light every single time, which seems a risk at anytime.

I hear SN10 and SN11 are the same design,
But the next one SN15 (they scrapped the ones in between) are a bit different.
Though I'd not seen what the actual differences are.


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Is an SN10 launch coming up?


"possibly" this week. All a bit vague.


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Indeed it a week of testing if we get a flight that would be most excellent, as watching these retro chrome looking craft fly is amazing let alone the the controlled guide.


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Yup, condenser venting again so possibly 30 mins

Keep an eye for venting around bottom of fins and shortly after midway up the starship. If the midway one goes it’s 15 minutes to lift off

Indiana Jones

22:30 will be their next attempt.

Indiana Jones

Thunderbird 1 has landed :clap:


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This was a great watch and a big leap forward for sending large loads and humans into space and onto Mars. Very impressive and I am really pleased this was successful. I still can't get my head around seeing rockets re-land, looks so futuristic

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