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Hi Folks
Where do you get the "Smilies" that can be put onto an email ?? Also how do you add them to an email ??
They may seem silly to some people, but it's my sense of humour and they make me smile !!!!!
If I can get some, I want to display them, as this site does, and just add them to my emails.
Any help please.??


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Thank You for the link.
Unfortunately. the downloaded file, want to change my Internet Homepage, even though I have enabled a box, stating "Do Not Change" on my internet properties.
Is there a way to download some Smilies, that can be added to the email ?
Sorry, but I am struggling with this subject.
All I want is a list of Smilies, that I can click on and add to our emails.
Any suggestions Folks ?

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Outlook is probably the most used email client and will not render animated gifs at all. I just tried the same in Thunderbird, and that is the same. Not sure there is a neat solution to do this.


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Gmail has some awful smilies in it...

But usually people just use the standard ASCII emotes like :D

Generally they're more for instant messengers and things like forums etc - most people tend not to need them in emails if they do they just go for plain old ASCII because as Bob stated it can be an issue for certain email clients etc.

Mr Incredible

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Outlook 2003 can show animated GIFs but when 2007 dropped IE for displaying HTML and went to a basic HTML viewer, animation went out of the window with the bath water and the baby.

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You could copy a smiley from any forum you belong to and paste it into your emails.

Have you tried it in Outlook 2007 or Thunderbird? Both show only the first frame of an animated gif. Animated GIF whether inserted or copy pasted won't work in those two programs. I suspect that Outlook 2007/2010 commands a significant % of email users.


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Can't stand people who use custom smiles, especially those bloody flash ones :mad:

Not to pass comment on your sense of humor, but anyone who emails me those things gets 1 warning, after that it's off to ASCII-only spambox :smashin:

This place is good for simple smiles:Animated Smileys | Free Animated Smileys | Animated Smilies

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