Smearing / Ghosting on LG 32gk850g VA panel


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Hi there!
I have been using this monitor for over a year now. I used to play a lot of FPS games but recently I played more of RTS.
I started playing FPS recently again and I was not able to aim properly. The moving images were out of focus. I also had some headaches.
This monitor is supposed to have great motion blur reduciton, but I don't know, maybe it got worse over time?
The least amount of ghosting / smearing is when I use 165 hz and "faster" response time.
Please find some below clips (sorry for quality). Should I RMA this monitor?
Gears 5 2019-11-12 17-14-40.mp4
Borderlands® 3 2019-11-15 17-02-52.mp4


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Some VA panels do have long transitions around dark colours, which you've used in three of your videos and the borderlands one looks OK to me.

Going by the TFTCentral review yours is one of them, note the 35-40ms 0-50 transition time in the responsiveness section:
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