Smashed my Sony 42" plasma screen! Where can I get a replacement?



I have smashed my Sony 42" Plasma screen! It is no longer insured, so im right in the muck now. Does anyone know if I am able to get a new screen or is it condemed???:confused:


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I've been told that to get the glass replaced on a screen is about half the cost of a new one. Now, with prices shifting so much recently, you'll probably find that the glass is near the same price as a new one.

Sorry, not good news, but I think you'll have to bite the bullet.

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Dr John Sim.


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Unfortunately, the vast majority of the value is in the screen, by the time you add in the labour involved in the excercise it would be cheaper to buy a new one :(

You're positive it isn't covered by your household contents policy for accidental damage ?


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So far we have only managed to terminally damage two displays in the last five years and in both cases the 'repair' costs were way too high to consider.

And even if it was financially possible have you ever tried to source a spare part for a Sony!!!




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have you tried contacting your insurance company(contents),i didn't realize i was covered for accidental damage till recently.

p.s. it was me who suggested these forums to you


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Can I ask how you managed to do this?
Are the screens of plasmas thin and easily damaged?




Insurance Company is unlikely to pay out on the full amount for a new one unless you called them when you bought this and insured it as a highrisk item.

Normally they will want any single item name and valued when it is worth more then £1,000/£1,500.

Give it a shot but i would doubt it.

Good Luck!


I bought my plasma three weeks ago and immediately contacted my insurance company to check if it is covered by my household contents insurance. It is and does not require special cover. It is covered for accidental damage and 'as new' repalcement. So it is worth giving your insurance company a call. However when my premium is next due I will add more value to my contents to be on the safe side.


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My insurance company were the same. I insisted that it WAS a high risk item and that any burglar could easily walk away with £4K under his arm if he felt like it! Still, they didn't want to take any more money from me. Sure they will all change this view soon though.
BTW - Would, still like to know how you smashed the screen (morbid curiosity and all that).


Save on your insurance premiums by going to some cheapjack direct outfit and then enjoy reading the list of exceptions when something goes wrong.

You get what you pay for.



Hi everyone!
Thanks for all the response! No good news really but it was worth a try! Just to answer a few questions: I smashed the plasma during a party, indoors golf, not a good idea. I purchased the screen through work about 18 months ago for £2000. I am quite sure it is not covered on my insurance. Suppose I need to go shopping again!


I hate that feeling when you know you've done something really, really stupid.:eek: :D


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I tend to find using practice balls to be much better for indoor use. At Paisley University, indoor golf was one of the research offices favourite pastimes. That, and Doom/Quake. Some of the research projects were quite amazing though. One group came up with a means to double the FM spectrum!

All the best,


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