Smash Bros. hinting at a secret Perfect Dark??????

rob j

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Well I know that Rare has just been bought out by Microsoft and all that but...

In Super Smash Brothers Melee if you get the Proximity Mine Trophy, and view it in the gallary, the adjoining information says the it is a favourite of the Carington Institute Blah blah blah...

But in the bottom corner where it states which game it came from, instead of saying Perfect Dark, it says "TOP SECRET".

Does this mean that a possible Perfect Dark game for the Gamecube was in production???

Who knows.....


It was in production for GC, but they have now ported over what they had done to the XBox. So when Melee was made they thought that it would be coming to GC. That's my guess anyway.


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The mine is a direct replica of those used in the original Perfect Dark. The reason (apparently) for "Top Secret" appearing instead of a game title (both in the European and US versions) is because PD carried a higher certification (18 over here, and M in the US). Rather excessively anal if you ask me, but there you go.

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