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Hi All,

Recently purchased Galaxy Watch 4 for my Wife and an Active 2 Golf Edition for me. Turns out the way we use our Google accounts is causing issues. We have our own individual accounts but rarely use them. We set up a shared email account ages ago and use that for everything. Which now includes our calendar. We both maintain the one calendar and use the 1 email account when asked as well as for many many logins.

The issue is we have both used this account to set up our watches, as we both want to get the same email notifications and be able view our emails, but apparently this can't be done. They have to be separate accounts. So the way it is at the moment any changes I make on my watch appear on my Wife's, as she was the first to set up. How can it be that this is not independent??! It's beyond comprehension that we should have to now 'dump' our usual Google account for use with the watches. Makes them somewhat less than useful.

Anyone got any ideas or solutions??? PLEASE!!!!!!
who has a shared email account? That is weird.

Just use your own email accounts.

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