Smart tv worth it?


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Im currently looking at a new 3d tv with smart tv built in, but now starting to think ditch the internet tv and focus on quality as my ps3 can do iplayer etc,

what do u lot think?


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I think you're right :smashin:

But it depends what you want.

I have my computer hooked up via cables to my (oldish) telly, so totally fail to see the point of it all :confused:


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I must admit, I only use the Smart function for Iplayer and my XBMC can do that, but the TV is more intuitive for the wife.

However, the TV can also play MKV files natively from my NAS, so again, if I didn't have XBMC, this would be a major feature for me.

I also received £50 of free movie rentals with my TV so I will be using those soon.

I also get free 3D content to watch.

I bought a Samsung TV.
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