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I'm looking for recommendations or pros/cons for Smart TRVs in the UK.

- Budget ideally around £200 - £300. (I'd rather not overpay, if features are likely well beyond me.)
- Geofencing.
- Portable/No wiring.
- Simple app control, as little input from me as possible, easy to adjust schedules.
- Attractive, if possible.
- Can manage thick walls.
- Potential for future additions over several years, e.g., door sensors, thermostat, sound sensor for the toaster, lights, hub with routines, roller blinds, plugs.

Suggestions for compatible bulbs are welcomed.

Further information:

We're currently renting a flat, but will be looking to buy in the next few years. I'm sure we could get permission for upgrades but I'd like to take everything with me when I go. So no wiring involved.

The main issue we have is that due to COVID my wife's job has made a long term transition to home working. She works condensed hour night shifts 3 days a week. This means we'll want the office to be warm when the rest of the house (especially the bedroom) is cool. My work has no fixed pattern, but as long as the flat is kept generically warm without colossal energy wastage.

For future thermostat purposes, the two major players here are Hive and Nest. I prefer Nest's learning but it doesn't fully support TRVs. Hive 360 + 5 TRVs came to £270, less if getting the Hub and 3 TRVs. Without Active Heating, though, it lacks support for geofencing.

We've not got I like the idea of Google more than Alexa, simply because I tend to forget specific words and talk generally. I'm also very fond of the 'morning routine' example. On the other hand, I can't hear very well so Alexa's drop in would be ideal as we're constantly calling each other room a room apart.

I'm not sure whether Zigbee or Z-wave or something else is more appropriate. All the adverts talk their product up, but what actually works?

I've got a Raspberry Pi, but I'm not sure I'm 'there yet' when it comes to coding a hub.
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Seb Briggs

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Both professionally and personally I have installed Zwave and/or WiFi devices using Fibaro home centre hub but recently started using the much cheaper but more flexible Hubitat Evolution hub

I use the new aeotech Zwave trvs


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