Smart paint repair - is this a good price?


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I have two paint blemishes on the rear of my car (on metal tail gate). I think they are poorly repaired stone chips and it looks to me that the clear coat (and possible some colour) has been sanded through and they look a right mess on an otherwise very clean car.

I sent the photo to a smart paint repair place and have been quoted £145 to fix it. This includes, sanding, primer, base coat and primer. Does this sound like a reasonable price for this work? I have never had anything like this done before. The guy comes to your house and does the work on your driveway.



Price doesn't sound ridiculous.
We use smart repairers a fair bit at work, it's better than booking vans/cars into body shops.
Results vary, TBH.
Had some repairs that were undetectable, others that went all orange-peely and matt and horrible.
Ambient weather conditions may have had something to do with this, I can't recall.
We do tend to let them use the warehouse, but it's unheated.


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Seems right to me too, used the local company on my last car a couple of times, bumper repair cost £150 and was undetectable (the local Audi dealer send all of their paint and wheel repair work to them for jobs that don't require going back to factory).


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Well, Andy from Smart Repair Pro is outside working his magic at the moment. He explained that blending clear coat is almost impossible to do so is going to clear the whole boot lid. Quite excited to see the finished job now. I will post pics once done.


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Andy spent about 2.5 hours fixing the damage and the end result is outstanding. I will definitely use him again.

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