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Feb 25, 2011
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Hi there,

I'm trying to compile a list regarding which of Samsung's smart Blu-Ray players in the D and E series have which of the UK FTA apps.

It appears some models have some apps, but others have many missing. The BBC seems to be on most, but what about ITV, 4oD and Demand 5 (not to mention Netflix or LoveFilm)

I ask the following: in order to help out any future buyers of the Samsung's Blu-Ray players to know which models will offer ALL the UK services.

So, if you have a Samsung D or E series Blu-Ray Player, can you list it here with which of the following apps are installed?:
BBC iPlayer
BBC Sport
ITV Player
Demand 5

Hmmm, I was sort of hoping for a few players to be listed, but hey...

How-about this... can anyone name a Samsung Blu-Ray player which has ALL the UK FTA widgets available, that is:
BBC iPlayer
ITV Player
Demand 5

That would keep me going :)
I thought it didn't depend on the D/E designator, but more on the numeric series i.e. 5xxx, 6xxx, etc?

It's a complete mess IMO. I have the same situation with my Samsung TV (Netflix nowhere to be found, but it has LoveFilm, and most of the other on-demand services)
^^ Year, you are right. But I am interested in the D or E series as they can easily be switched to different country stores, so it is easy to access the UK store and thus their widgets.

This can also be done on the F-series (if it uses the same method as the F-series TVs, but it isn't quite so easy)

The thing is, without buying the highest end models, I won't know which has all the apps mentioned above, if any... for all I know, Blu-Ray players don't have hardly any compared to the TVs...

So, anyone with models which have all the UK FTA widgets, please come forward :)
Wise words Mr hippo99, please excuse any cross-posting here, but I do believe it is worth a try...

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