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Hi all
I'm having issues with devices on my network not having Internet connectivity.
I have a bt smart hub router in the house which I use for wireless connections ,tv ,hdd recorder, nvidia sheild, firestick, mobile phones tablet etc.

I also have a lan connection from the hub running into a network switch connected to this an external garden access point and a lan cable running to a garden room.

In the garden room I have another switch which connects 2 laptops and another access point providing wireless access .

The issue I have is that random devices will connect to the network but not have Internet.
1 laptop in the garden room connected to the switch may have Internet and the other not . 1 will identify the lan network as the smart hub id and 1 the access point Id. The access point may have Internet or may not. Then the next day there won't be any Internet available at all to any device.

I have a similar problem in the house random devices will show they are connected but no Internet. Maybe a tablet one day or a phone or laptop the next. I can turn on a hotspot on a connected phone and share the WiFi and connect the device showing no Internet without a problem.

I'm not sure if it's my setup or if it's the router ? I'm considering swapping the smart hub for an aftermarket router can anyone make any suggestions on make and model.

Thanks in advance


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Sounds like you have an IP addressing conflict or possibly you have multiple DHCP Servers running on your network (which is a bad thing.) Might also be you've partitioned your network or there's a connectivity problem:

What is the exact make/model of your garden "Access Point"...? If it has a DHCP Server, make sure it's turned off. There should only be 1 DHCP Server running on your network and it should be the one in your SmartHub (or whatever is on the end of your ISP link.)

When you encounter a device that's lost it's Internet connection, take a look at it's IP addressing information - look on the device itself, not your SmartHub. If it's IP addressing information is incorrect, that would explain lack of Internet.

Things to look out for are the device has an "APIPA" address (169.254.X.Y,) the device has an IP address and/or subnet mask that's not corresponding to the address range your SmartHub is managing, in particular a "default gateway" address that is not that of your SmartHub or you have multiple devices using the same IP address (which is a bit harder to detect.)

What symptoms you have will thence inform what further investigation is required as there's multiple potential causes of the issues you've described thus far, so we need a bit more detail/investigation.

Possibly your network is partitioned in two if the "Access Point" isn't actually an AP but is a "router" that has not been hooked up and configured correctly (which is an easy fix if so.)
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