Smart Hub 2 compatible with super fast?


Getting ultrafast on Monday but wanted to install smart hub 2 and set up wifi today however only get a red line when connecting to the phone line - is the smart hub 2 only compatible with ultra fast?


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If you've been sent a router with a built in modem then it's likely your ultrafast package is G.Fast rather than FTTP. An online search suggests the version of the superhub also supports VDSL (aka FTTC, the most widespread technology for 25-90Mbps packages).


I’m getting fibre - so does the smart hub not have a built in modem like the old one? It’s still has a socket for the phone line.


You need to connect the "smart hub" (or a router of your choice) directly to the Openreach ONT, to one of its LAN/RJ45 ports. I assume the 'PON'light on the ONT is a soild green?

This what my Openreach ONT looks like, though I suspect you will have the newer (single port) version:


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I have FTTP installed when I got the Hub 2 I used it on my old FTTC until I got the FTTP just a matter of unplugging the old connection and connecting the Ethernet Cat6 cable to the hub and ONT. BTW very important to use Cat6 Ethernet cable Cat won't pass above 100Mps

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