Smart fortwo brakes?


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Hi, I'm looking for a smart fortwo to get me a few miles to the station,

I've just test rode two smarts and really need advice of an owner (I've googled but can't find anything)

The brake pedal felt really hard to push and didn't have any feeling when braking it was either on or off but really it felt far too hard to press that pedal compared to all other cars I've driven.

Does any one have a smart and can comment on the brake feel and action, before I write off the smart as a small car to consider?

Thanks in advance.
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The two I've driven were 2009 facelift models, the brakes were sharp but felt really heavy to get moving, I was really disappointed but will try one more, as to be honest the smart will be ideal for my short morning commute.

Thanks for replying.
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