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Sep 9, 2000
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Aberteifi Cymru
lasts nights was excellent,seems to be getting better and better,cant wait to see him fly for the first time,do you think they will ever use the original superman theme in the series??
daa da da da daa - daa daa daa - daa da da da daa - da da daa
or was that STAR WARS :D
I watched it too , thought it was great . I really must try harder to watch more of these , bit like Angel really .
possible spoiler
Could have sworn grand pa kent was the lex luthor from Lois and clark - until they went inside
I didn't really enjoy last night's too much. Don't like "flashbacks"! However, I think the "slicked-back hair" look really made Clark look like "Superman" for the first time!
Didn't they use the theme in the episode with Christopher Reeves in it
According to an interview I remember reading in SFX, the creators/writers of Smallville said that Clark flying will be in the final scene of the very final episode.

Don't know if they will keep to that over its run though, as the flying must be very tempting to introduce.

When asked about the famous costume, they said (I believe) that if he EVER wore it, it would only be at the very end of the series (as with the flying!)
After each episode I watch I think christ this just keeps getting better and better, surely I think to myself a crap smallville will soon come out, but know they just do keep getting better.
It would be brilliant if they re-made Superman with the Smallville cast. What a fantastic follow up that would be to the series. You can certaintly see some jigsaw pieces falling into place linking to Superman with Christopher Reeves like for example (Spoiler) :-
Where Perry White has told Clark to contact him if he is in Metropolis as he knows a contact in the Daily Planet. Hence how he got the job in Superman 1. I am sure that was the same Perry White from the film although in that I think he was known as Mr. White who was the big cheif for The Daily Planet??.
Its like star-trek me-thinks, person gets mutated by kryptonite > causes havoc > Superman finds out who it is.... YAWN ZZZZZZZZZZ.
Mark R
Perry White in the movie was played by Jackie Cooper.
;) :)

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