Smallville or Lois and Clarke

Smallvile or Lois and Clarke?

  • Smallville

    Votes: 49 79.0%
  • Lois and Clarke

    Votes: 10 16.1%
  • Both as good

    Votes: 3 4.8%

  • Total voters


I have been watching Lois and Clarke on ITV and i have to say it's very enjoyable. There is a totally different mood to it compared to Smallville. As good as Smallville is, Lois and Clarke gets my vote.

Which do you think is best?


Liked both but Smallville is a bit more dark and the plottings better and you get better super villains.
Lois and Clark where a little too light but I still enjoyed.


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With Garrett on this one, I loved L&C when i saw it the first time.

But I find it too flouncy now, only really watch it now cause of Terri :)


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Smallville looses out for me because it wastes every single opportunity that it has

Ok its not supposed to be Superman : The early years but then again its not supposed to be The OC

Week after week its dull boring stuff that 5 years on has not changed

Then, every so often, it hints at the potential (Such as Ep 100) but just pisses it away. (I was so dispaointed at the above Ep in season 5 I stopped watching and sold the first 4 seasons on DVD)

At least L&C never tried too hard and for me remains the better show


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They're both good but Smallville gets my vote. I think both TV series are much better than the films, though I haven't seen the new one that's just been released.


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nabby said:
Smallville - Erica Durance is way hotter than Terri Hatcher as Lois Lane...
Without a doubt !


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Smallville! I absolutely love it and can't wait for the 5th season DVD release on 28th.


One thing I hate about Smallville is they half the time leave a plot open ended at the end of the progeram never to be diclosed. Like yesterday the girls with the water. Slight SPOILER
Whats to stop them doing it again, would they stop etc


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One good thing about Lois & Clark over Smallville is the absence of the uber-annoying Lana Lang! Her acting reminds me of that old "Far Side" cartoon of the different moods of the Irish Setter...

On the other hand, Lex Luthor in Smallville is much, much better as a character. In L&C he seems like a pantomime villain far too often...


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I grew up watching Lois & Clarke on BBC2. So of course my vote goes to that, but the lovely Kristen Kreuk is always a good excuse to watch Smallville:



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definitely smallville. have watched a few episodes of L&C lately and the cheese factor is way too high..


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I went for Smallville, although i have fond memories of sitting down with my whole family at 6 0'clock to watch L&C, was certainly entertaining but having watched a few episodes recently it really is quite cheesy and not enough super powers in it!

Smallville does drift a little bit in to Dawson Creek territory and yes Lana is very annoying (although very stunning!) but when it gets good, it gets really good. :thumbsup:


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