Smallville (in the Uk)


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So thats the season 7 finale been showed on e4 tonight. Was epic.
The whole Lex/Clark scene in the fortress was confusing; why didnt Clark just stand infront of the jaggy diamond icicles? or use his super blowing power to blow lex/the sphere away haha?

What did everyone think?


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it was good, but then I enjoy all things superman.:smashin:

But does this show really following the comic books?


But does this show really following the comic books?


As far as I remember it Lex was a pal of Clarks and was a boy genious sciantis but had a experiment go wrong and the shak he was in caught fire and Superboy with the well known costume on (yes Superboy was a well know costumed hero unlike the secret hero in Smalville), anyway he blew the fire out and part of the upshot Lex lost his hair. The turned him and made him evil and made Suerboy/Man his arch enemy.

There was a reboot of Superman I think in the 80’a when John Byrne too over the title were Lex was a corporate giant and just evil to further his own gains. I don’t read the title but it stagers be time and time again it proven to the public he is evil and has killed yet still remains in his position of power.

As to the other heroes they too had different backgrounds.


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But does this show really following the comic books?
Smallville pays more attention to the "DC Universe" than any other live action series ever has ... doesn't really matter that it does not precisely follow the timelines/continuity of the original comic books (neither have the subsequent comic books ;)), it still adds to or uses the mythology (Mxyzptlk, Martian Manhunter, Justice League, Kara, etc etc)


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Season 8 has started in the US and looks promising as it has now moved away from smallville:thumbsup:


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Wow, a major change of policy for E4:)

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