"Smallish" 5.1 Speaker package recommendations


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Hi everybody,

I have had my current home cinema setup for quite a while now and am in the process of re-decorating my room and wanted to be rid of my clunky Canon rear speakers which are starting to sound dodgy and also look awful on the wall.

The current setup is running from a Yamaha DSP-A1 (which I will be keeping as a) I love it and b) I still want to run LaserDisc AC-3 audio from it!!). The speakers are a real mix of things like Mordaunt-Short mains (MS-10i as I recall), a Mission center (cos it fitted the space!!!), Paradigm sub and those Canon rears.

I don't have a lot of room so can't have floor standing speakers.

I'm thinking something along the lines of what Bose do with their Acoustimass 10 system in that it's small and compact and chucks out plenty of noise (sorry I hope I don't offend anyone mentioning the B-word). I'm no expert but whenever I have had a demo in a Bose store in the US, I have been impressed.

Trouble I always find is trying to find a Hi-Fi shop near me (I'm in Luton, UK) that has a good enough range of speakers to demo

So any recommendations for smallish speaker packaged that are around £800 would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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Monitor Audio MASS
Thanks for that - they look really interesting and a good size too as well as being right in my price range too :)

That's what I love about these forums is that I may not even have come across those speakers.

Certainly any other recommendations considered.

But in the mean-time I will have a read up on these


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You should also look at the Monitor Audio Radius range. I would also suggest looking at the Monitor Audio Vectors too, these used to be £700 but are now oround £300. This would give you loads left to replace the vector sub with something like a BK Electronics XLS400 (if looking at the radius range I would still get a BK sub as they are better value for money compared to the MA one).


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Many thanks guys for all the suggestions. I will have a read of those reviews and maybe see if there are any dealers near by me where I can get some demos.


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I have some Orb Audio Satellite speakers for sale in black if you might be interested & save a ton of cash? May also have a REL Q200E subwoofer - I am in NW London so not that far from Luton!



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Hi there Suave,

Thanks for the offer - I think I'm gonna see if I can get some demos of complete kits first (the MA Mass system sounds interesting) - but I will consider your offer.

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