Smallest AV stand that will hold 4 items?


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I live in your standard tiny London flat, so I need to fit my AV equipment into the most compact space possible. So, I'm looking for the lowest, narrowest, shallowest stand that can still hold an AV amp, a DVD player, a Topfield PVR, and a VCR. (The TV is wall-mounted, so it doesn't need to fit on the stand.) It doesn't have to be super-fancy or superexpensive. If we move to a bigger place (and have a bigger budget) we're happy to upgrade; for now, we just want something to keep our equipment off the floor, and we'd prefer not to spend more than £100.

The absolute smallest I've found is this Alphason stand. It's 48cm wide, 44.4cm high, and 45.3 cm deep, which I think are the absolute minimum dimensions that will hold our kit. However, it only has three shelves and is an open design.

A close second in size is this one from argos. It's 58cm wide, 47cm deep, and 72cm high, so it's a little bigger--but it's got 4 shelves and it's a little closer to the design we'd prefer. (If it had glass doors and were a little smaller, it'd be perfect.)

Can anybody recommend any other options? If not, we'll probably go for the Alphason and just stack something on top of the VCR, which we rarely use.

Thanks in advance.


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Those are certainly handsome, but they're a little wider than my other two options--not to mention pricier. Given that they're not really perfect for my space, I'd probably prefer to just buy a cheaper, acceptable option and save up the money until I do find a perfect one.

Thanks, though!

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